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Ensure GDPR compliance while providing a smooth and enjoyable user experience across all your channels

Privacy UX is a strong element of differentiation, satisfaction and engagement. Optimize your Consent and preference Management throughout all your channels, for all of your use cases and users, to make it a good experience that generates trust.


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A solution adapted to all stakeholders involved in Consent Management within your organization

DPOs, CDOs, marketing leaders, IT teams… your expectations are not the same. We have taken them into account and reconciled them in our intuitive and documented tool, to allow you to quickly reach an operational preference management that meets all your expectations.

Opt for a sovereign and secure Consent Management Platform

With an integrated and mutualized regulatory watch, Right Consents allows you to follow the latest recommendations from European DPAs and EDPB. ISO standard consent receipts are time-stamped, encrypted and stored exclusively within Europe.

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Easily integrate a CMP to your existing applications

Right Consents’ REST API allows you to easily integrate it with all your end-users applications and to synchronize consent and preference repositories with your other business applications. You can then make sure you take into account the latest choices of your users, regardless of the last interaction channel.

Consent Management platform adapted to all organizations

For Private Sector Companies

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For health and social professionals

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