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Discover what Fair&Smart offer to businesses

GDPR compliance

Manage the most visible part of your GDPR compliance with a turnkey tool : centralized processing of rights requests (access, portability, erasure…) and multi-channel consents management with full auditability.

Customer experience

Leverage the trust of your customers by putting transparency and respect for their personal data at the center of your relationship.
Increase their satisfaction by automating processes and streamlining data exchanges.

Process Optimization

Automate your B2C processes (subscription, registration, after sales service…) thanks to complete files, with correct and up-to-date information in standard formats. Reduce errors, aim for total quality and reduce costs.

New innovative services

Develop new services which reuse data from multiple sources. Integrate our secured and documented API to gain access to permissioned high quality data. Create value for your customers by revealing the potential of their personal data while respecting their privacy.

Why companies choose Fair&Smart?

Fair&Smart is the innovative startup that adapts to your needs and those of your customers. Customizable and scalable solutions grow with your business.


Benefit from a high availability solution, easy to use and adapted to your business (incl. health sector).


Reduction of privacy risk and state-of-the-art encryption.

Patriot Act / Cloud Act

100% Continental Europe – No data transfer outside the E.U.


Automate and manage your processing activities by integrating our REST API into your business applications.