Respectful management of sensitive data in 3 steps

Step 1


Integrate your own customized consent forms to all user journeys (custom messaging - all channels)

Step 2


Make your consent record database available in real time to all business marketing applications (Rich API - fine analytics)

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Step 3


Demonstrate your compliance and preserve users’ choices a single source of truth (consents registry - standard consent receipts)

Managing sensitive data is an integral part of the digitalization of the healthcare sector. Right Consents brings together Consent Management Platform (CMP) and Preference Center (PC) to enable you to easily collect, store and use your users’ consents and preferences. Demonstrate GDPR compliance and improve policyholder trust and experience across your channels.

A sovereign and secure European solution, adapted to the needs of all policyholders.

The simple and secure Subject Right Request Management tool

Right of access, right to portability, right to object, right to erasure… are not only requests related to GDPR right!

They are also full-fledged interactions with your users and insured parties. Generate satisfaction and trust, and enrich it into a better experience with Right Requests.


Right Consents Back Office Platform
Cookies preferences management

Your European Consent Managment Platform, for a more ethical and secure management of your cookies

A good website should provide clear, secure information and generate trust among policyholders.

Good cookie management is the same!

Visible to all, your cookie banner is a reflection of the care we take of personal data and health data in this case. Fully customizable, the CMP Cookies Consents allows you to offer a smooth and transparent experience to your visitors while ensuring your GDPR compliance.



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