Right Consents Solution

  • Design consent forms that perfectly fit to your business.
  • Optimize your collection rates on every channel.
  • Demonstrate your compliance any time.
  • Enrich your existing analytics and improve your users experience.
  • Reduce costs with an easy integration and ongoing legal watch.

61% of consumers have stopped doing business with a brand due to a poor customer service experience

For marketing leaders Run more efficient campaigns

Adapt the consent collection to your business and your use cases.

Offer homogeneous and omnichannel Privacy UX on allchannels (including call centers).

Optimize your collection rates for each prospect/client route.

Enrich your existing analytics by combining the data collectedand downloadable in real time.

Access the last preferences of your customers within the single database of truth and reduce your customers’ complaints rate.

For DPOs and compliance officers Minimize risk

Demonstrate your compliance any time by proving all the elements of valid consents.

Respect the regulations by using an hybrid storage infrastructure (incl. health data).

Use a privacy by design solution which implements the appropriate security measures (Art. 36 GDPR).

Save time and limit transfers outside the EU by using a 100% European solution.

Reduce your legal costs thanks to the regulation monitoring integrated into the solution.

For IT teams Save time and means

Give more autonomy to business stakeholders thanks to an easy to use solution.

Query among large volumes of data and use a solution without data lock-in.

Benefit from strong end-to-end encryption in order to strengthen cybersecurity.

Save time with an easy to implement SaaS solution.

Automate your processing activities by integrating our REST API, compatible with many platforms.

80% customers are more loyal to companies with good ethics

Customer Experience

  • Maintain your customers’ confidence by puting data ethics at the heart of your relations.
  • Increase their engagement by making consent collecting a catalyst for trust.
  • Offer the best privacy experience on every touch point.

Label Privacy Tech

Right Consents by Fair&Smart has obtained the PRIVACY TECH label


Why companies chooseFair&Smart ?

Fair&Smart implements the best state of the art to allow you to offer your customers the premium experience of managing their personal data.


Benefit from a high availability solution, easy to use and adapted to your business (incl. health sector).


Reduction of privacy risk and state-of-the-art encryption.


100% Continental Europe – No data transfer outside the E.U.


Automate and manage your processing activities by integrating our REST API into your business applications.

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