Personal data belong primarily to the individuals concerned, and everyone should retain control over them.

To avoid certain abuse in the context of the current opacity and in the interest of all, we have built an alternative to bring more transparency and trust in the relationships between individuals and companies.


Our values

We believe in 5 principles which drive our actions and those of our partners :

“Information technology must be at the service of every citizen. (…) It shall not prejudice … privacy, individual or public freedoms. “(Article 1 of the French Data Protection Act of January 6th 1978).

It is up to the individuals, and to them alone, to consolidate or not the personal data that concerns them, to use them as they see fit.

Everyone should be informed and decide at all times which organizations possess and process which personal data and for what purpose.

Respect for privacy and the right to informative self-determination are not negotiable.

A company that is not worthy of the trust of its customers dies, sooner or later.

Our partners