About Fair&Smart

Our passionate team is dedicated to improving trust between individuals and businesses by making relationships more transparent.
Everyone should be informed and decide at all times which organizations possess and process which personal data and for what purpose.
Respect for privacy and the right to informative self-determination are not negotiable.
A company that is not worthy of the trust of its customers dies, sooner or later.

A word from the CEO – Xavier Lefevre

“Individuals and companies alike have everything to gain from a more transparent and balanced relationship. Let us lead the way in the years to come, so that certain abusive practices belong to the past and that confidence is restored.”

A story was born

Since 2016, Fair[&]Smart has been developing solutions for individuals who want to manage their personal data and professionals to build a more transparent and stronger relationship with their customers.

Fair&Smart wins Seed4Start award 2016 — October 2016

Development of the first prototype — 2017

The first version of Fair&Smart’s app has been developed.

Fair&Smart raises over 1 million € – January 2018

Fonds Venture Numérique Lorrain, Business Angels Yeast, BPI France, Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne …

We launch the app during Vivatech — May 2018

GDPR entered into force – May 2018


The launch of Right Consents – September 2018

Fair&Smart is founding partner of MyData Global – October 2018

Presentation of the Privacy Tech White Paper at the French National Assembly – April 2019

Security startup of the year – ISD 2019 Luxembourg – May 2019

Fair & Smart raises 2.2 million euros in funding – January 2020

Bpifrance, ILP Innovation, business angels

Right Consents by Fair [&] Smart has obtained the PRIVACY TECH label – June 2020

The incredible Fair[&]Smart team




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