Who we are

A message from the founder of Fair & Smart

The development of digital services has considerably changed our lifestyle : more communication, more information, more interaction with our suppliers, everywhere, all the time. It is both practical and enjoyable. Yet, this frantic march towards the “all connected all the time” can also generate anguish and worry.

Firstly, the number of supplier relationships we have to manage soars: hundreds of applications or services that we sometimes rarely use. As companies use “CRM” tools to manage their customer relationships, we need Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) tools to manage our supplier relationships.

We want to have real choice : no longer be treated as “users” to whom opaque and unreadable terms and conditions are imposed under the pretext that the service is free. We want to be considered as customers, whose preferences and tastes are respected, and who can find alternatives between the « take it all » and nothing.

All our actions leave traces, which are collected and then used in total opacity. And yet, our personal data and the data of our connected objects are our lives and those of our loved ones. We cannot accept any longer that this data is used for purposes that do not suit us or at our expense, without any control.

By adopting the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Union has boldly embraced the subject with open arms. Since May 25th 2018, every European citizen is empowered with the rights to regain full control over his or her personal data.

Fair & Smart’s ambition is to put this power into the hands of the greatest number, by providing the necessary technical means in a simple, efficient and secure manner and with absolute respect for privacy.

Individuals and companies alike have everything to gain from a more transparent and balanced relationship. Let us lead the way in the years to come, so that certain abusive practices belong to the past and that confidence is restored.

Join us !

Xavier Lefevre
Founder of Fair & Smart